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14 Results Persb Imbang, from Foe Arema FC to Madura United

14 Results Persb Imbang, from Foe Arema FC to Madura United

Persib Bandung recorded a minor record after being held to a goalless draw by Madura United in a League 1 match at the Stadium Starling Harupat, Thursday (19/10/2017).

Negative note in question is Persib became the first team in Indonesia to achieve a draw, ie 14 times in one season.

This result is actually not feasible for Atep and friends. Because the team nicknamed Maung Bandung is mastering the game as much as 55 percent.

Only, lack of Persib in terms of aggressiveness of the shot. Just imagine, for 90 minutes, Persib only launched a total of seven shots.

Three of them are on target.

In contrast, Madura United more diligent in threatening the opponent’s goal. In total, Greg Nwokolo and his friends fired 11 shots despite only two on target.

In addition to front-line blunt, Persib failed to win because of playing with 10 players since the 80th minute.

Dedi got a red card for elbowing his opponent. As a result, the player numbered back 11 is only 15 minutes to appear on the field.

These results make Persib bearing the title of King of Series in the arena of the League of Indonesia. They are the only team to collect 14 draws in the Liga Indonesia.

These results also extend the fasting victory Persib. They’ve won seven games did not win.

The last victory felt Persib when crushing Sriwijaya with the score 4-1 on 4 September 2017.

Following record 14 Persib draw:

April 15, Persib 0-0 Arema

22 April, PS TNI 2-2 Persib

May 13, Semen Padang 0-0 Persib

May 20, Persib 2-2 Borneo

July 12, Persib 1-1 Persela

July 22, Persib 1-1 Persija

August 12, Arema 0-0 Persib

28 August, Persipura 0-0 Persib

9 September, Persib 2-2 Semen Padang

21 September Persib 0-0 Bali United

24 September, Persib 1-1 Bhayangkara FC

October 1, Persiba 2-2 Persib

October 9, Persib 0-0 Barito Putera

19 October, Persib 0-0 Madura United

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