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Capello Denies Will Be Back To Train Milan

Capello Denies Will Be Back To Train Milan

Fabio Capello denied going back to train Milan for the third time A44bet.com.

Capello took Milan to win 4 Scudetto and 1 Champions League, but the veteran coach confirmed that it was the past.

“What do Chinese people know about Milan? Not much, I think very little. the journalists preach them, but nothing is certain about the future of the Rossoneri, “said coach Juangsu Suning.

“We talked a lot about Inter, they got more involved. It’s embarrassing and I say it as an athlete and someone who works for Berlusconi, that Milan is looking for his true identity after a big bunch of money.

“Could I go back to Milan? No, I want to train another team. I was offered to secure Suning and I succeeded.

“I still have a contract. After that I will go on vacation. Matching champion title? I watched the great game of Napoli against Inter, I think in the last few years, there is no such fierce match.

“They appear very consistently. Napoli was great as it dribbled into the goal area, while Inter kept trying to play with Aman.

“I see there are two styles of play in that game organically.”

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