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Persiba Balikpapan 3-2 Bali United: Lose Dramatic, Lilipaly Dkk Failed to Peak Approach

Persiba Balikpapan 3-2 Bali United: Lose Dramatic, Lilipaly Dkk Failed to Peak Approach

Persiba Balikpapan dramatically can achieve victory with a score of 3-2 when meeting Bali United in League 1 continued at Batakan Stadium, Balikpapan, Monday (16/10).

Targeting the victory in order to attenuate the difference of points over Bhayangkara FC, Bali United immediately attacked the defense of Persiba. Rely on the Dutch duo Sylviano Comvalius and Nick Van Del Velden Serdadu Tridatu continue to harm the defense of Persiba but no goals are created.

One of them Comvalius efforts in the 16th minute, unfortunately, his efforts can still be countered by Dian Agus. Not long after Nick got the chance. The midfielder then try to mencocor ball from close range, but his efforts successfully blocked by Dian Agus.

Persiba got a golden opportunity in minute 28. Srdjan Lopicic release bait into the penalty box that failed Yudi Khoerudin forward into the goal.

In the 32nd minute, Lopicic back off golden opportunity! This time the first-time kick Montenegro midfielder was deviated far on the right side of the goal. If Lopicic were quieter, maybe the result would be different.

Persiba finally able to open the score in the 36th minute. An imperfect will from Wardhana was successfully exploited by Sunarto, who fired a shot along the ground in the goal mouth.

Persiba again trying to steal a goal. Only, some chances are obtained can not bear fruit. 1-0 score lasted until halftime.

Bali United can immediately equalize when the second half has just run through goals created by Lilipaly. This naturalized player forward pass from Bachdim through volleyball first time at the end of the penalty box. The ball slid rapidly into the right corner of the goal without being saved by Dian Agus.

Persiba try to respond quick goals Bali United in the second round. Marlon fiddled with the ball inside the penalty area before firing a shot, but the midfielder’s effort could still be driven away by defender Lidar Tridatu.

In the 54th minute, Persiba effort to re-lead again threaten Bali United. Speculative kick from Marlon slid away from the Wardhana goal.

Bachdim brought Bali United ahead in the 65th minute. The Indonesian national striker controlled a header from Comvalius before firing accurately into the left-hand corner of the net. Could be missed. Score is now 2-1.

Persiba managed to equalize to 2-2 in the 88th minute. Yudi managed to take advantage of Lopicic free kick that had hit the fence of living Bali United. The defender fired a shot from the left side of the penalty box. The ball slid rapidly into goal without being saved by Wardhana.

In injury time, Persiba again reversed the position! A fatal mistake was made by Wardhana, who did an imperfect run at the mouth of goal. The ball then fell to the foot of Chalwa and the player who entered in the second half was immediately fired a shot into the goal.

This victory certainly makes the Honey Bear keep the urge to escape from the relegation zone with 23 points within six points of the safe zone. As for Bali United failed to stick tight Bhayangkara FC and still difference of four points from The Guardian.

Composition of Players:

Persiba Balikpapan: Dian Agus (PG); Yudi Khoerudin, Absor Fauzi, Alfath Faathier, Iqbal Samad, Bryan Cesar Ramadhan, Muhammad Ilhamul Irhaz, Anmar Almubaraki, Srdjan Lopicic, Sunarto, Marlon da Silva.

Bali United: I Made Wardhana (PG); A A. Ngurah Revelation, Ahn byung Keon, Dias Angga Putra, I Made Andhika (Hasim Kipuw 16 ‘), Nick van Der Velden, M. Taufiq, Marcos Flores, Stefano Lilipaly, Irafan Bachdim, Sylvano Comvalius.

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